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ASEV Student Member Benefits
ASEV Student Members that present orally or by poster will be entitled to National Conference registration reimbursement and a $200 USD stipend.

Best Student Presentation Award
Student presenters must currently be enrolled as a full-time student and provide the name and email address of their Major Professor or Advisor to be considered for a Best Student Presentation Award.

Note: Student presenters need to emphasize interpretation of their research, minimize reporting data and are expected to address the relevance of their research project.

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Some students assigned to poster presentations will be given the opportunity to orally present 3-minute Flash Talks about their poster. Please indicate if you wish to be considered or not, even if you have requested an oral presentation. The Technical Program Committee will assign these Flash Talks.
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SUBMISSION FORMAT - Type or copy/paste only the body of your abstract (using upper and lower case text) in the text editor below instead of submitting a separate Word document. Please do not re-enter your abstract title, byline and funding source from above. This information will automatically be used to create your final abstract. The text entered below will be truncated after the 300 word maximum.

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Please only upload supporting documents to your abstract. Do not also upload a Word version of your abstract as it will not be used.

ASEV Presentation Terms and Conditions

  1. This abstract is being submitted as a basis for a presentation at the ASEV National Conference and has neither been published or presented elsewhere.
  2. If the presenting author is a student, then the research presented must be original (not previously presented) in order to be considered for a Best Student Presentation Award.
  3. Audio recordings of all oral presentations will be conducted and offered for sale in an MP3 format.
  4. All abstracts accepted will be published in the Technical Abstracts section of the ASEV National Conference official program and posted on the ASEV website if author meets all oral and/or poster presentation requirements.

* I acknowledge that I have read and accept the above ASEV Presentation Terms and Conditions and I am authorized to do so for all co-authors and the designated presenter.